EuroShop 2014 Review: Retail in a Great Mood to Invest!


Retail companies and their partners came to their leading global event, EuroShop to Düsseldorf with optimism. Retailers’ currently high propensity to invest gave rise to justified hopes for a positive outcome of the trade fair. And people’s high expectations for EuroShop 2014 were actually far surpassed over the five days of the trade fair. From the first day of the event an outstanding atmosphere prevailed thanks to many new leads and an unexpectedly high number of business deals closed.

EuroShop 2014 Review: visitors from Europe, Americas, Far East

Two thirds of EuroShop visitors travelled to Düsseldorf from abroad with significantly higher numbers from overseas – both from North, Central and South America as well as from the entire Asian region. Delegations of large retail chains from such countries as Brazil, Colombia, Canada, the USA and China were welcomed at EuroShop. A total of 109,000 visitors from 110 countries were represented. In terms of European countries, more trade visitors from the Eastern countries such as the Baltic region and the Russian Federation were represented in Düsseldorf. 73% of all EuroShop visitors were executives, two thirds of all visitors stated they were involved in their companies’ decision–making processes.

Lighting Designer – Architect – Shopfitter

With its size and diversity EuroShop 2014 provided a comprehensive overview of all important trends in the four segments EuroConcept – Shop Fitting, Architecture & Store Design, Lighting, Refrigeration Furniture and Cooling Systems. The 2,226 exhibitors from 57 countries included the market leaders from all these segments as well as young enterprises from growth markets.

Shopping Experience – Lighting Concepts & Systems

Two aspects, above all others, were centre stage at EuroShop 2014: the staging and emotionalisation of the shopping experience through spectacular shop fittings, innovative and smart lighting concepts, creative design ideas and extraordinary materials. In addition to this, the multi-channel theme – i.e. integrating and linking the various different channels like the offline, web and mobile businesses with latest technologies – was omnipresent at EuroShop. Beyond this, energy-efficient lighting systems as well as energy-enhanced refrigeration systems and furniture were in focus for food retailers.

Meeting with an extraordinarily good response were the practice-driven forums at EuroShop. In brief lectures international expert speakers covered current issues from the areas of architecture and design, IT, multi-channel, sustainability and point of sale marketing.

The next EuroShop event will be held from 5 to 9 March 2017 again in Düsseldorf, Germany., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0