The e-Luminate Cambridge 2016 Festival has started!

e-Luminate Cambridge 2016 colors Cambridge Landscape by Night

During six exceptional evenings, the e-Luminate Cambridge 2016 festival, offers the public a unique spectacle creating ephemeral light art installations in the richness and diversity of the urban landscape, and completely transforming the city. Light beautifully bridges across Art and Science. The festival is a celebration of the infinite possibilities created by this intersection.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_eLuminate Cambridge 2016

e-Luminate Cambridge 2016 festival turns Cambridge into colorful landscape.

e-Luminate Cambridge 2016: A Modern Arts for Free

e-Luminate Cambridge 2016 is a modern arts festival for a city at the forefront of technology and research. The really great thing is that you don’t have to be into visual art to want to come and see this amazing Festival, Light is accessible to all!

Discover the richness of Cambridge

The flagship event offers a unique opportunity for residents and visitors to discover, or re-discover, the richness and diversity of Cambridge’s iconic buildings and public spaces through a range of Light art installations, family activities, talks and concerts.

More on the program and activities for these days at:, pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0