The deLight Project: Extending the Boundaries of Light

The deLight Project: An Environmentally-oriented Light-Art Festival Promoting Sustainable Lifestyles Through Contemporary Art

Every year, the WWF movement called Earth Hour brings communities from all around the globe together. During the initiative, people switch off their lights for one hour thus demonstrating their commitment to fighting climate change and raising awareness of environmental issues. Major cities of the world also contribute by de-energizing their landmarks including The Sydney Opera House, The Brandenburg Gates, and many others. The deLight Project establishes a new form of communication between eco-institutes, eco-initiatives, and audiences.

deLight project takes the ‘non-electricity concept’ to a next level

In 2017, deLight projects joins this worldwide action and provides all those interested in environmental problems with a chance to participate in it through our perspective. DeLight not only will disconnect from the electric network, but will generate electricity for a sustainable sound and light performance, adding a new dimension to Earth Hour and bringing the ‘non-electricity concept’ to a whole new level. Between 20:30 and 21:30 on March 25th 2017, in the forecourt of the club Ritter Butzke, a show with musical content by the sound-artist and composer Hugo Morales will take place.

deLight Project – Light, Sound and tailor made equipment…

Light, Sound, and Tailor-made Equipment

Light, sound, and tailor-made equipment will be our main tools for the performance in which the audience can also actively participate. Right afterwards, Ritter Butzke will invite our guests to a sustainable after party. With the help of low-energy technologies, artists from all over Europe will highlight invisible natural phenomena such as the magnetic fields, temperature, vibrations, waves, and others. The exhibition will be held in ‘A Space Under Construction’ area located on the second floor of Ritter Butzke.

The third partner venue of the festival is Spektrum: a place aimed at presentation of technology-based artworks, science-focused events and futuristic utopias based on the principle “do-it-together-with-others”. At Spektrum, visitors will see Berlin’s live premiere of the AtomTone show by Czech artist Jiří Suchánek. And also a.melodie by Mélodie Melak Fenez, an experimental electronic music project, which is based on the responses plants have to their direct surroundings. Her work promotes complex interconnectivity between elements and presents Nature as a sentient being with inherent worth.

deLight – green politics, sustainable lifestyle, ecology, eco-art, and light-art.

The deLight program also includes public talks with internationally renowned speakers experienced in the fields of green politics, sustainable lifestyle, ecology, eco-art, and light art. Apart from that, film shows elaborating on environmental issues in unexpected contexts will be held.

Bring your Light Bulbs

And don’t forget to bring your old light bulbs – they will be carefully collected and recycled by the company Lightcycle.
Electric light has extended the boundaries of human capacity. Now, deLight is extending the boundaries of light.

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