Banner Delight Art Festival 2017 Berlin

deLight Art Festival Berlin – a sustainable light art festival

deLight Art Festival: Light Artists Negotiating the Impact of Art on Planet Environment

Earth Hour is a global movement for environmental protection that symbolises modernized ecological consciousness. It is organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). In year 2017, the event is due to take place on March 25th. The deLight Art Festival will be realized in Berlin, Germany, as part of the Switch Off campaign.

Picture of deLight Art Festival Installations Celestial and Spatial Variations

deLight Art Installation ‘Celestial’ (by Michael Burk & Ann-Katrin Krenz) and ‘Spatial Variations’ (by Damien Bénéteau).

deLight Art Festival – Sustainable Light Art

In year 2017, A Space Under Construction and Spektrum-Berlin public spaces will host deLight, a sustainable light art festival, from March 25th till April 2nd. For Earth Hour, deLight project has prepared a special feature: as soon as billions of lights all over the world are switched off, visitors will have a chance to see a contemporary dance performance live. The dancers will perform on a specially designed floor that converts the energy of their movements into real electric energy which will light up the floor plates. The performance will be accompanied by experimental musical instruments made by composer and sound artist Hugo Morales.

deLight Art Festival Berling - Image with Licht Parasiten Red Line Border light installations.

Light Art Installations ‘Licht Parasiten’ by Raum Zeit Piraten and ‘Red Line Border’ by Jiří Suchánek.

delight – Giving invisible Earth Phenomena a Face

By the end of Earth Hour, artists from Germany, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Russia, and other countries will present twelve light installations. A number of them will be created using energy-saving light technologies and involve self-sufficient energy systems. deLight’s goal is to make invisible Earth phenomena such as atom spectrum, wave oscillations, temperature, magnetic field, etc. more visible to help erase the borders between ‘Nature’ and ‘non-Nature.’

deLight Art Festival Berlin - Picture with Dream Cube Vision and Implosion Chamber light art installations

deLight Art Installations ‘Dream Cube Vision’by Astrid Myntekær and ‘Implosion Chamber’ by Evelina Domnitch and Dmitry Gelfand.

Artist Jiří Suchánek will present his audio-visual performance Atom Tone in the transdisciplinary space of Spektrum-Berlin. Atom Tone is an experimental project based on sonification of atomic data. The project attempts at transforming chemical and physical logic into musical one.

During deLight project’s public talk, the speakers will raise the question of negotiation between artists and impact of art on planet environment. As for the location of event, the organisation has secured two popular public spaces in Berlin: Ritter Butzke gallery  and Spektrum-Berlin.

Soon, the full program will be launched. More information can be found at the event website., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0