Darc Awards Vote Now Open

Darc Awards Vote for The Winners!

With the entries shortlisted by a panel of recognized international lighting designers, it’s now over to the crowd! The darc awards 2016 is a unique concept utilising mondo*arc and darc magazine’s reputation as being the most widely read and respected lighting design publications in the world. With a database of over 1,400 international lighting design practices and,a unique opportunity was created to get every practice involved in the darc awards vote process.

Low and High Budget Designs in Various Categories

Darc Award organizers have formalised a list of categories that is a reality check. Each category (Structures – Places – Spaces and Art) is split into a Low and High budget plan (£30,000+ spent on luminaires) so that the smaller projects can compete on a level playing field in every category rather than enter the dreaded ‘Special Project’ category.

The entry is opened up so that anyone can enter (lighting designer, lighting architect, interior designer or lighting manufacturer). Once the shortlist has been chosen by an international jury of independent architectural lighting designers, each of the 1,400+ lighting design practices and their designers will be invited to vote on their favourite projects via our specially developed darc awards website. One designer, one vote, making this the only truly peer-to-peer lighting design awards in the world.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_Darc Awards Vote 2016 Open

darc awards vote – impressive projects by globally leading lighting designers, architects and interior designers are shortlisted.

Lighting Inspiration for Designers and Clients

All the projects and the companies who have submitted them will be present on the website so that, over time, the darc awards website becomes a comprehensive online lighting design resource that can be used by designers and clients alike for lighting inspiration.

There are also three architectural lighting product categories (interior / exterior / technology) that will follow the same philosophy resulting in a comprehensive online database. The products will also be voted on by the lighting design community so the winners will be a true reflection of what the lighting designer likes.

Click here to see all the entries per category and make your choices. Once you have decided on your favourite entry from each category you’re ready to cast your votes.

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