Close-up image of ultra flat IP65 rated Cooledge Light Tile Exterior with one part lifted up to show the back-side of the tiles.

Cooledge Light TILE Exterior: Light Liberated

Cooledge Light Tile Exterior: Light Liberated

Cooledge Light TILE Exterior made its first debut at LIGHTFAIR back in May and has since been recognized by two prestigious award programs including London-based Darc Awards and Dubai’s Light Middle East Awards. Reflecting top pictures of architectural lighting designers around the world, these awards acknowledge the breakthrough nature of TILE Exterior which perhaps for the first time, uniquely unites form with function allowing building structures to be illuminated completely from within.

TILE Exterior: Infinite Design Possibilities

Imagine the infinite design possibilities to create and build with light. The award winning Cooledge  IP65 rated TILE Exterior system sets new standards for luminous surfaces in outdoor applications enabling whole facades, canopies and entrance-ways to come to life with light.

Picture Cooledge Light Tile Exterior modular build concept

Build with Light: Indoor and Outdoors (IP65)

Designed as a complete IP65 rated system, TILE Exterior uniquely combines all of the critical elements required for large-scale luminous exteriors – from rigorously-tested water resistance, to modularity for configuration around virtually any building structure

Picture of Cooledge Tile Exterior_ Handheld at darc awards

2017 darc awards winner

Breaking tradition across lighting categories, the IP65 rated TILE Exterior system sets new standards for outdoor applications designed to free light from the constraints of traditional fixtures. As a matter of fact, the Cooledge concept was crowned with its first coveted Darc Awards with TILE Exterior for luminous surfaces., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0