Cooledge Inspirations: A New Year of Light and Design Opportunities‏

Cooledge Inspirations: A Clear Perspective on the Interaction of Spaces, People and Illumination

Cooledge welcomes 2016 with a clear perspective on how spaces, people and illumination interact and continue to be shaped by collaborative work between the architect and the lighting designer. ‘Cooledge Inspirations’ helps to discover new ways of the application of lighting into building structures.

Fabric of Achitectural Design

Lighting elements incorporated into the fabric of architectural design continue to evolve and are further enabled by the creative implementation of LEDs. Architects and designers are no longer bound by the confines of a bulb or tube and are exploring imaginative and exciting opportunities for the integration of light into building structures – like windows to the sky.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_Cooledge Inspiration 2016

Cooledge Inspiration: Cooledge products used to create luminous ceilings in retail environments.

Shaping possibilities for Light and Architecture

In the coming year, Cooledge will continue to enable new possibilities for light and architecture. Their new inspiration video will give you some initial ideas of impactful and imaginative ways of what you can make with Cooledge products.
The ‘Line’ and ‘Square’ light sheet products are UL Listed and use efficient white LEDs to provide a smooth and uniform effect. Cooledge’s Line and Square are thin, just 0.1 inches thick. They’re flexible, like a sheet of paper, and can be shaped around and in architectural elements.

Cooledge – Pioneer in Scalable Lighting Solutions

Cooledge Lighting is a pioneer in scalable lighting products that can be easily designed into a building by architects and lighting designers and simply installed by builders and contractors without specialized knowledge or training

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