CODEGA 2016 – International Lighting Design Prize

CODEGA 2016: International Award for Lighting Design Excellences

The Codega 2016 Prize is the international award to Lighting Design excellences which is assigned to professionals for their creativity and know-how in transforming LED technologies in new ideas. At its 4th edition now, it is the recognition of the excellences of Lighting Design assigned to the best LED Lighting Design solutions and installations. They are rewarded for their originality and innovative aspects, the use of solid state and smart lighting, and take into consideration the results of energy saving and efficiency.

Disseminating the importance Light Quality, Versatility and Integration

Promoted by Assodel in partnership with IDEA, under the patronage of the Italian Association of Lighting Professionals (APIL), the Prize aims at disseminating the importance of the quality and versatility of LED lighting and of an “intelligent” and integrated use of light.

Lighting-Inspiration.com_Codega 2016_Lighting Design Prize_Award Location

The prize-giving CODEGA 2016 ceremony will be celebrated in the exclusive ‘Peggy Guggenheim Collection’ in Venice, Italy.

Codega 2016: Lighting Design and Solution Awards

The Codega Prize includes two different award categories:

1 – Lighting Design – a recognition to the best independent lighting designers and professionals’ realizations or installations in Contract applications;
2 – Lighting Solution – a recognition to the best LED solutions/systems and luminaires.

Both recognitions underline the innovative dimension of lighting design where there must be creativity but also technological research, development of customized solutions and positive results in terms of energy efficiency and human well-being.

The Jury of the Codega Prize is composed by qualified experts of the lighting profession and electronics sectors.

Codega 2016 Prize at Illuminotronica Event

The prize-giving ceremony will be organized in the exclusive location of The Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice on Friday 7th of October 2016. The award session will follow the conference dedicated to lighting design that will be held at ILLUMINOTRONICA 2016 – the Italian event devoted to LED lighting that will take place from 6th to 8th of October., pub-1509224267627414, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0