Carpetlight: State of the Art Lighting Technology combined with Textiles

Carpetlight: Fusion of Light Technology and Textiles

Carpetlight, founded by Götz Schmidt zur Nedden and Till Sadlowski and based in Hamburg, Germany, finally found a way to offer customized flexible lamps in any size with any combination of LEDs to lighting professionals. The brilliant product reaches brightness and color rendering indices that have never been achieved before.

Freeform Lighting – Finally Scaleable

On the contrary to other smart-textile technologies currently used in design and fashion which are merely glimmering or decorative fabrics, Carpetlights´s novel product delivers a luminous output high enough to light whole objects and rooms. The lighting system comes in predefined packages for scene-, film- and stage lighting, but is even great for any custom architectural application, both in indoor and outdoor environments.

Different groups from the lighting profession have been dreaming for a while of truly flexible light sources. Initially, OLED lighting was promoted as the best future solution, but meanwhile, quite a few alternatives such as flexible- and planar lighting solutions appeared on the market.

Live on Stage at LpS 2016

We had the honor to spot the flexible system at LpS2016 in Bregenz, Austria and see the technology live demonstrated. Here’s a brief show demonstration video:

By the way, there are more interesting topics found in the the LpS 2016 Review.

Carpetlight: Lightweight – Flexible – Versatile and Efficient

The lighting system is lightweight, flexible, versatile, efficient and can be adapted to any desired form or function by folding, rolling, crumpling, hanging, wrapping, hooking or stretching it. The product is excellent for use at fashion shows, exhibitions, architectural applications, interior design or archeological excavations.

More information on the interesting concept can be found on the company website, or just visit Carpet Light in our “Inspiration” corner.

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