Amsterdam Light Festival 2013-2014


From December 06, 2013 until January 19, 2014, the historic city center of Amsterdam was the cozy décor for a light festival for a period of 40 winter days. A festival that demonstrates the grandeur, charm, vitality and humanity of the city, with light and water as connecting elements.

Light Festivals are Flourishing

Light festivals are flourishing, not just in Amsterdam, but everywhere around the world. They add more meaning to the public area, demonstrate culture and the beauty of simplicity and they bring people together. Whether it is in Singapore, Lyon, Eindhoven or Sydney: the light festivals turn the public area into a true event, and inspire residents, tourists, professionals and those interested in viewing and discussing light art together, empowered by the IYL2015 movement.

High-tech, interactive and smart

The festival is extremely aware of sustainability. Light design is high-tech, interactive and SMART. The lighting industry is undergoing a radical LED revolution, in which countless smart lighting innovations and dramatic energy savings will be realized in the years to come. Dutch companies are leading in this revolution. Amsterdam Light Festival makes these actual changes visible.

Illuminade: unique collaboration

The Amsterdam Light Festival is the result of a joint venture between the cultural institutions, the municipality, knowledge institutes and businesses in Amsterdam.  It is unprecedented that so many parties of all sorts have made such a huge joint effort to make this festival happen and to reinforce the qualities of Amsterdam. The festival was established thanks to a unique funding. Many parties have sponsored the ALF (which has been granted the ANBI status) through funds or in kind. Crowd funding has also played a significant role, hotels and restaurants donate a portion of their income! Partners from all kinds of industries have put the focus on Light through their winter program. Many, many volunteers work selflessly and with great enthusiasm on the first edition of the festival.

Thanks to the festival, the city of Amsterdam is enriched and illuminated with art that changes the public area during the darkest time of the year, art to which the spectator will have a surprised, enthusiastic or playful response!

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