Inspiration.Lighting: Inspired by Light

The global lighting industry is going through a significant disruption. New, most digital technologies, are taking over the way we design, manufacture, control and experience light. As a spin-off, lot’s of new products and news items are released daily¬† across many different channels. Our intention is NOT to provide you with as many as possible lighting news. Our aim is to carefully pick the best selection from new technology innovation and product inspiration in order to enable Lighting Professionals to do a successive job and to empower innovation. Topics such as ‘planar lighting‘, the ‘International Year of Light 2015‘ and ‘smart lighting‘ has our special interest.

3D Printing Lighting

Thanks to our partial involvement in the 3D printing revolution, this specific topic has our special interest and we are happy to share the latest trends and insights onto this disruptive technology. In case you are interested, there’s another blog / news site available with more in-depth articles, interviews and inspiration from some of our lighting friends at 3Dprinting.lighting.

News by and for Lighting Professionals

The contributing Lighting Professionals of the Lighting-Inspiration.com blog aim to bring together relevant sources of information, innovation and inspiration that help Lighting Professionals making the right decisions and considerations for their latest lighting projects. Whether you are involved in research projects, design engineering, lighting design or architectural planning, we’re always keen to provide you with freshly pressed inspiration.

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