40Under40: The Next Generation of Lighting Design Talent

40Under40: The Next Generation of Talented Lighting Designers is Waiting for Us!

To celebrate forty years of Lighting Design Awards, Lighting Magazine recognized a new generation of lighting design talent. For the documentary ’40Under40′, they selected 40 enthusiast designers that are more driven, diverse, collaborative, curious, global, tech-savvy and passionate than ever.

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40Under40 Lighting Design – The Next Generation. Picture: Lighting Magazine

40Under40: The Next Lighting Design Generation

From over 20 countries, Lighting Magazine named fourty young design talents as representatives of this new lighting generation. Some of them were nominated earlier by principals. Others have received independent recognition in competitions and awards, such as the recent Lighting Design Awards 2016 in London. Some of them were finally selected by a panel of experts as ambassadors for their industry.

Armed with the an unparalleled breadth of technology and able to instantly draw on unlimited lighting inspiration, these millennial professionals are raising the bar on the creativity and quality of projects across the world. Times are changing, so the lighting design era!

Passion to Contribute to the Lighting Profession

What they share together: All are outstanding young people with much to contribute to the lighting profession, more specifically the lighting designer . We will be following them with interest!


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