ZooM 3D printed Lampshade

Created as a programmable object in generative design software, ‘ZooM 3D printed Lampshade’ has a structure created from hundreds of repeating elements that together form a series of interlocking spirals.

3D printing allows this pentagonal lampshade to be manufactured flat and completely assembled; folded out, it’s flexible like a textile, while maintaining its form like a rigid product. The semi-transparent structure shields the bulb’s glare, while transmitting light efficiently.

Seeing the product unfold from a flat disc to a full sized lampshade never ceases to amaze. From there, all that is needed is a simple cord and bulb socket to create a functional, architectural lamp.

The ZooM 3D printed Lampshade comes in a 19 or 27 rows lampshade and is currently only available in black and white versions and available via Shapeways and i.Materialise in white polyamide.

For more impressions, please go directly to the designer’s website or have a look in his Flickr Photo Archive.

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