Outstanding LpS 2015 Conference Program Released

LpS 2015 Conference Program Reveiled

Luger Research, the organizer of the LED professional Symposium +Expo 2015 (LpS 2015), is proud to present a high-class, future-oriented conference with 60 technical presentations and 7 workshops. The annual Symposium and Exhibition is a well-known international hub for innovation and developments in the fields of LED & OLED lighting technologies. This year marks the fifth anniversary of the event.  The next LED professional Symposium + Expo will take place from September 22nd to 24th. Early bird ticket prices will be available until June 30th.

Even though there have been many cutting edge inventions during the past few years, developments in the fields of Human Centric Lighting and Internet of Things keep the fundamental change process in the lighting industry going. Lighting systems, and therefore components and modules, need to be more efficient for less cost. Controls have to be smarter and systems need to be connected and more intelligent. “We believe that lighting technologies will drive innovations and therefore a highly-focused technology event is required to understand and forecast next generation lighting systems”, said Siegfried Luger, Event Director and Program Manager of the LpS 2015.

Lecture Presentations on Building Blocks for Smart Lighting Systems

The event will open on September 22nd with keynotes from Professor Zary Segall – Endowed Chair Professor at The Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm, Mr. Rogier Van der Heide – Chief Design and Marketing Officer, Zumtobel Group and Mr. Jy Bhardwaj – Senior Vice President R&D, Lumileds. Three parallel tracks will be filled with technical lectures and workshops addressing light sources, smart controls and drivers, printed illumination optics, light quality, light mixing, connectivity, security, reliability and lifetime, standardization, light measurement, production and lighting systems.

Keynote speech at the last LpS 2014 Opening

Keynote speech at the last LpS 2014 Opening

One of the technical lectures will be from Dr. Walter Werner from Werner Management Consulting about “Why We Need Smarter Smart Lighting”. Smart lighting comprises scheduled control, presence control and daylight harvesting control. This is necessary to achieve a reasonable carbon footprint. It is known that savings with smart controls versus manual switching is approximately between 50-75%. All this is smart but not sufficient. Dr. Werner states that there are two big potential ways to make smart lighting smarter: One is to get the users of the space to provide their input. The other is to get the background technology smart and use it to drive smart innovations. That can be achieved by replacing the dedicated lighting controls communication by an open Internet connection that allows increased granular functionality, to be deployed and to be serviced with reasonable effort.

Dr. Geoff Archenhold – Serenity Lighting, will talk about intelligent methods to secure connected lighting and smart city installations. Lighting, consumer electronics, and IT industry are coping with the rapid and diverse demands of an internet infrastructure built more than 40 years ago to deliver a vision where every light, sensor or building is connected. The internet of things (IoT) is an emerging concept grasped by the lighting industry that is rushing to develop highly connected smart lighting systems within and across city-wide infrastructure. In his presentation he will describe the main types of weaknesses and vulnerabilities found in wired and wireless lighting control systems. He will present and evaluate an approach that provides an additional level of security to the often relied upon wireless router username and password encryption security. He will also address threats of smart lighting, how to specify secure Smart Lighting Control Systems and hope to spot if they are unsecure as well as how to design a secure and scalable lighting system.

Further information on the sessions is available on www.LpS2015.com/program.

Solution Oriented Interactive Workshops

In the 7 hands-on workshops participants will be inspired to create new designs and transform innovations to the next level. OLED lighting and niche applications will be presented in an interactive workshop by LG Chem, the global leader in OLED technology, with hands-on demonstrations of the latest panels and designs. Lambda Research will present a workshop on smart designs to model and optimize color effects in LED lighting systems using modern optical analysis software. It will be shown how color results can be predicted in regards to spectrum, color artifacts and changes in color coordinates. For those interested in thermal management topics, AMS Technologies will hold a workshop on “Liquid Cooling for High Power Densities, High Temperature Homogeneity or Low Temperature LEDs”. They will introduce different types of heatsinks (e.g. water-air coils or possibly active cooling devices) and analyze how to dimension and what pump to select with appropriate pressure head. Furthermore they examine details of the piping and instrumentation diagram, materials selection, type of expansion vessel and how to achieve maintenance intervals.

Another workshop will be from Luger Research. They will delve into the evolution of smart controls and apply innovation methodologies to systematically forecast next generation products and technology trends.

For the first time “Automotive Lighting” will be part of the LpS 2015 event program. The European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC), a partner of the LpS event, chose the LpS 2015 for their workshop on automotive lighting. They will bring together key stakeholders from the automotive industry to discuss the topics of exterior front lighting, exterior signal lighting and interior lighting.

For detailed information on the workshops as well as networking please go to www.LpS2015.com/program.

Early Bird Registration Open until June 30th

For those who register before June 30th, price reduced symposium tickets and free visitor tickets are available on www.LpS2015.com/registration.

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